Romp Rescue

Imagine a world....

Imagine a world where you are persecuted just for who you are. Imagine you are born, pure and free. All you want to do is love and be loved. You are loyal; obedient. You are willing to do whatever is asked of you in order to please. More often than not, you don't like what you're asked to do. You are required to do horrible things. You hate it. It tears you apart, both physically and mentally. But you do it because it makes those around you happy. 

Now imagine that same world where there are those that find you and want to get rid of you. Without knowing you or what you are about. Without giving you a fair chance to be who or what you want to be. To be who you should be. You are rounded up, taken away. Locked up. You are scared and frightened. You are cold and lonely. While this is going on, you are poked, prodded and tested. You really don't know exactly what is going on. You don't understand any of it. You are isolated and marked. 

Then one day comes. A day you dread. You know this is the last time you will leave your cell. Your last walk. You still don't know what's going on. You still don't understand. You did what you were asked to do, no matter how much it pained you. You tried to make them happy. Now, they want you to die. And when you get to that room, you know there is no coming back.

You don't have to imagine. This world actually exists. This is the world that many dogs, commonly called "Pit Bulls" face on a daily basis.

The term "Pit Bull" is not an actual breed in itself and is commonly used to describe the following breed of dogs: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. While these dogs have been used for nefarious purposes by some individuals, to include dog-fighting and guarding illegal drug operations, they have also been used and trained for purposes such as companion dogs, police dogs and therapy dogs. 

More than anything, these dogs are just loyal. They do what they are trained for in order to make their owners happy. After Michael Vick's illegal dog-fighting ring was broken up, they were spread across to country. A few, unfortunately, had to be put down. But many people fought for some of them. Against overwhelming odds, they continued to fight to give these creatures a chance.

These animals became known as "Vicktory" dogs. They were named not only after their previous owner, but they were named for the victories they were able to achieve with the right love, compassion and situations around them. Instead of being forced to fight for their lives, they were given a loving home and care. They were given a chance at life and they succeeded. You can read about their success stories herehere and here. You can also view a great documentary called "The Champions" about their lives after receiving a second chance. 

These animals need our help. By not shopping and buying your pets from a breeder, but by rescuing an animal, you are actually saving two lives; the life of the dog you are adopting and the bed you are opening up to allow for another animal to be rescued. Many of these creatures only have a limited amount of time (many as little as 24 hours before they are put down) to be rescued or adopted out. Help make the difference in life. 


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